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Color Columns logic games collection 5.09.03

Color Columns logic games collection 5.09.03: 25+ new addictive logic puzzle games:  Columns (Coolumns), Falls and Lines Packs games (1 in DEMO) Falls Pack, 7 games Lines Pack, 9 games (1 in DEMO) Full version features: Unlimited games play. Play up to 10 different games levels. Undo and Redo up to 80 turns of games. Save your games to start where you left off. Customize the background and gameboards design. Amazing full screen graphics. Record your 120 top scores. Coolumns dodger: The new word in logic puzzle game making! A brilliant idea gave a new birth to the remarkable

5th ball 1.2: 5th ball is a new beautiful logic game from Frostworks
5th ball 1.2

5th ball starts new series of logic games from Frostworks. The goal of the game is to create maximum amount of lines joining five balls. The game offers five gametables with its own unique structure made up on basis of logical combinations. Main game features: - 5 gametables of different difficulty - simple game controls - beautiful game design - old good Irish tunes - superb logic thinking training

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Scissors Game 1.0: Scissors Game is an enjoyable casual logic game aimed at kids
Scissors Game 1.0

game from Toy Cat Soft, Scissors Game is designed to help stimulate the minds of kids of all ages. It is a casual game offered at a very low price, though there is also a trial edition available. Logic games such as this provide a great chance for kids to exercise their minds while playing games on the computer. This type of game is designed to help stimulate the mind, offering both a powerful and fun solution. With its basic rules, the game is also

game for kids, scissors game, logic game

Mines logic online game 005: Find all mines
Mines logic online game 005

As in other Minesweeper games you have to find all mines in game area and mark them ... Find all mines hidden on the game field. Mines logic online game - Find all mines. Space Xonix - Clear as much space minefields as possible without getting destroyed by mines. Mines logic online game Short Description: Find all mines. Mines logic online game Long Description: Find all mines. Mines logic online game.

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Shooting Blocks 2.6: Download free logic games such as Shooting Blocks for your PC.
Shooting Blocks 2.6

For those who are looking for casual games, without spending the high prices for other computer games in the retail stores, free logic games are something worth considering. Shooting Blocks is a free logical game which is ideal for anyone who enjoys brain teasers and solving a challenging and diverse range of puzzles. The first levels are quite easy, but the game quickly becomes more challenging to truly test your skills.

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3 Great Games from 1.0: 3 paper games: Tic-tac-toe on 4x4 game field, Cram and Super Nim 8x8.
3 Great Games from 1.0

3 paper games. Each game has 4 levels of difficulty. Tic-tac-toe is played on a 4x4 game board. Cram will remind you of Tic-tac-toe but played on a 8x8 game field. In the game Super Nim there are randomly placed pieces on the board when the game begins. The players in turn remove all of the pieces from one selected column or row. If you are the player to remove the very last piece, you win!

brain games, paper games, board games, tic tac toe, mind games, logic games

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Engineer 2: Master Bill 2.05

This is a sequel to the logic game Pipe Engineer. You can control Robot to pick up various bonuses. To complete a level you must assemble the piping and also collect some required item. This is a sequel to the logic game Engineer-2. In this game a new character called Master Bill has appeared. You can control this small chubby man to pick up various bonuses. You can also collect gems: every three gems give you a random bonus.

small, sequel, three, random, engineer 2, collect, give, also, this, called, control, various, appeared

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